Hi Students,

We recently completed a transfer to a new faster system! You will no longer be able to log into our old LMS. The good news is the new LMS if much faster and smoother. Don't worry your grades will not be lost, and we are currently transferring the data now, so don't be concerned if you cannot see your grades yet.

To log in simply click the link below, and you will be taken to the Redmako Instructure page. You can log in with your new username and password, which follows the format below:
  • Student Name: John Smith
  • Username: JSmith
  • Password: JohnSmith

If you have any issues logging in or concerns, please contact the support team via:
  • email or
  • call 073339 1530 for VR Courses or
  • call 073339 1431 for Trainings and apprenticeships

IMPORTANT: Please log in with your username, NOT your email. Your email will not work as your log in.

Click the link to go to the new Redmako LMS


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